Water Filter -Cleansui CB013E, 900L


Water Filter -Cleansui CB013E, 900L


Brand: Cleansui

Model: CB013E

Capacity: 900 liters / 3 months cartridge life (based on 10 liters per day use)

Dimensions (mm) W x D x H: 131 x 100 x 59

Weight: (when filled with water): 200g (300g)

Initial water flow: 1.6 liters / minute

50.11 35.00

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The CB013E lets you enjoy your filtered tap water. This high-standard water filter attaches directly to your existing faucet so you can enjoy clean, filtered water every time! The CB013E uses Cleansui’s High Standard Filter which removes unwanted chemicals such as chlorine and other pollutants while preserving healthy and beneficial minerals in the water. The proprietary thin-film membrane filter removes particles as small as 0.1 micron, which includes rust, fungus, and all bacteria, leaving you with clean water and plenty of flavor every time. It also improves the taste of tea and coffee and the flavor of food such as cooked pasta and vegetables. The filter has a replacement life of 900 liters or 3 months *, and has a simple sliding mechanism to remove and replace the cartridge when required. The 3-way lever allows you to easily switch between 1 / filtered water, 2 / regular filtered water and 3 / filtered shower spray for water saving. The simple and compact design of the CB013E will be attached to almost any faucet. The unit includes an adapter kit which allows easy installation on a wide range of taps or faucets.

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