Bianyo Artist Painting Palette Knife

Bianyo Artist Painting Palette Knife


Brand : Bianyo

Model : BN301

5 Pieces


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This is a painting knife set with 5 assorted knives of various sizes and varieties for painting and can be used for various creative art projects. These knives have good-quality blades and can be used with oil paints and alkyds. This set contains knives of different sizes and shapes for various painting needs. Use the appropriate knives to make fine lines, knife strokes of various sizes and to lay paint in an impasto style. Use them to cut, create lines, scrape and for different painting styles and techniques. These knives can also be used to scrape off the excess paint on the canvas or for removing the dry paint on the palette. The knives are good quality and can be used by Amateur as well as Professional artists for their work. This is a great set for hobbyists as well. Even if you haven’t tried knife painting yet, why not start a new hobby and learn a new form of art.

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